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We are a young family, living with two personalities - Irish Setter Nigel and English Pointer Ozzy.

We are the team, enjoying travel by car to any distance we believe is interesting to visit.

We are people with PASSION - passion to our gundogs, our best friends, our "boys".

We are crazy. A bit :)


But if you want to know how we became crazy, follow our story.


How did we find you, Nigel?


Ten beautiful puppies are running in the yard in Valmiera, the beautiful city in Latvia. There is a little world of PUPPIES. It seems that they do not notice you at once, but with the first steps towards them you can see that they start leaning, standing on their back paws and trying to kiss you!

Everyone of them want to be taken on the hands, but we already know that there are last 2 boys, which are available. We start looking for them in this gang and, finally, breeder shows them – one by one.

We take them closer, on our hands and really want to take both of them, cause none of them is better or worse – beautiful babes! However, my husband notices the independent behavior of a small Irish Setter, who “demanded” to put him on the ground and went for his personal business. “This is the character of a Man”, said Eligijus that time. Men decide everything, right?

This will be our boy after two weeks, when they will reach the age of 8 weeks.

This is NIGEL.

How did you find us, Ozzy?

2 years later we started to think about the second dog. It was a time of "fights" and discussion, asking and persuading, searching and observing the litters growing up. It was a time of dreaming of my OWN English Pointer puppy....some day.

But we were not alone on our way: with our friend's help and advise, the kennel we would like to have a puppy from, was found and Ozzy was chosen. Our new family member started his way to his new home.

Yes, he is American Boy!

The cutiest thing ever, entrusted to us by his breeders Megan Johntson Lane and Jane Johnston to travel overseas to find his loving home here, in our family.

Travelling from Little Rock, Arkansas (USA) via Germany, and then to Latvia to be cuddled in our hands from the first moment.

This is our boy, made so long way to make our life funnier.

This is OZZY.
Nigel & Ozzy by Corneccy